VONC stands for Vitality, Development, Nature and Creativity, notions that are close to my heart as the founder and as an artist. These are the main drivers of my own development and the foundations of the philosophy on which the VONC studio and gallery are based.

VONC Studio

The VONC studio offers painting or sculpture workshops and courses that will help you to discover or develop your creativity. The VONC studio also offers masterclasses and inspiration workshops. The atmosphere is informal, the approach personal and the experience profound.
The participants' self-expression is paramount. You can enrol at any level. Beginners are introduced to the possibilities of paints and linen or chisels and stone. If your experience is more advanced, you can expand your skills. Groups can also be accommodated at the VONC studio.

VONC Galery

The VONC gallery offers a splendid exhibition space and environment for artists to showcase their work to a wider audience. Painting, sculpture or photography: many forms of art can be shown at the VONC gallery. Whether surprising, expressive, understated or provocative, these works will always address what to me is the essence of art: authenticity, craftsmanship and the ability to tell a story or convey an emotion. That's what it's all about.

Do you have any questions or specific requirements? Do let me know. You are more than welcome at the VONC studio | gallery!

Kind and creative regards,
Marianne Rijvers