Drawing and Painting

Though the pleasure of drawing and painting is my first concern, I will encourage you to experiment with new materials and techniques. We will go beyond the mere matter of imitation to explore what it is you want to express in what materials. And whether you are interested in portrait, landscape, still life or abstract art: let's explore what it is that makes you thrill to the magic of art.

I will not only be helping you out with the technicalities. I will also keep challenging you to shift your boundaries, for you learn the most when you venture into the unknown!


The VONC studio offers you a variety of ways to engage in drawing and painting, depending on your own purpose. You may choose to take part in long-term, intensive cycles for regular groups, or take group workshops or masterclasses, all at beginning and advanced levels.

Participants make use of their own materials. There will be opportunities for experimentation with new materials, which you may then decide to purchase. Materials for group workshops are provided by the VONC studio.

Small-sized groups

Group size does not exceed six participants, which allows me to offer personal guidance to each and everyone.