The VONC studio | gallery is located in the Liskeshoeve, a contemporary farmhouse set in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Peel region. The comfortable studio has a spacious, covered outdoor work space. The VONC studio | gallery can be found in Schoor, a small hamlet close to Nederweert in Central Limburg.

Most Sustainable Garden

The garden surrounding the Liskeshoeve consists of a cultivated section, an orchard and vegetable patch and an original Peel section with trees and a natural pond. In 2012, this garden, designed by landscape gardener Noël van Mierlo, was voted the Most Sustainable Garden of the Netherlands. We feel very honoured!


The hamlet of Schoor is close to lovely Nederweert, which offers plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. Within easy walking distance of the Liskeshoeve, you will find the Hof van Schoor Bed&Breakfast for you to stay the night. It also has a tea room serving high teas.

A ten-minute drive away, you will find yourself in the Groote Peel National Park. Even closer are smaller scenic areas such as Sarsven and the Banen. The surroundings offer great opportunities for walking, cycling, or ... for drawing, painting or sculpting!