Visual Language

As a participant, you will be encouraged to look for your own visual language, or your own signature. You can do so by experimenting with materials as different as cardboard, clay, plaster or wax, as this involves a process of discovering 'the story' you would like to express. This will greatly benefit the expressiveness and significance of sculptural works. It is also possible to have clay sculptures baked or wax models cast in bronze or synthetic materials.


Many participants like to enter into a dialogue with a stone in an intuitive way. The challenge, then, is not to start out with a preconceived idea of the end result but to go with the possibilities that are suggested by the stone's character. Whether you like to take a figurative or an abstract approach, you will find expert guidance in an inspiring setting at the VONC studio. Step by step, I will guide you in creating your very own, unique sculpture!


The VONC studio offers you a variety of ways to engage in sculpture, depending on your own purpose. You may choose to take part in long-term, intensive cycles for regular groups, or take two-day group workshops at beginning and advanced levels. We will be working with soapstone, alabaster, serpentine and marble. These materials can be purchased at the VONC Studio. The VONC studio is a retailer for De Beeldhouwwinkel and can also advise you on the purchase of many kinds of tools.

Small-sized groups

Group size does not exceed eight participants, which allows me to offer personal guidance to each and everyone.